Monday, October 29, 2012

Philhybrid Inc. Macapuno

I am from Los Banos, Laguna and all my life even now that I am married, still here in my hometown. Fresh air and relaxing weather always welcoming me anywhere in this Province. As the number 1 province in the Philippines because of tourism, science parks and historical sites, truly, Laguna is my home. A well known tourist destination for environment advocates, foreigners and even Filipinos from different provinces, Los Banos also provides us with selections of native delicacies like Buco Pie and now with the Philhybrid Macapuno laboratory inside the University of the Philippines at Los Banos, an additional pride for us.

University of the Philippines Science and Technology Park

PhilHybrid Inc. is a company engaged in the production and marketing of embryo-cultured true-to-type Makapuno seedlings and started it’s operations in August 2004. It was founded to implement the vision of the late Speaker of the Philippine House of Representatives and Agriculture Secretary Ramon “Monching” V. Mitra, Jr. Speaker Mitra was committed to produce, promote and expand the production of Makapuno in the Philippines by making embryo-cultured Makapuno seedlings more accessible to as many interested growers as possible. Philhybrid owns the biggest pure embryo-cultured Makapuno plantation in the country. It also has an Embryo Culture Laboratory located at the University of the Philippines Los BaƱos (UPLB) Science and Technology Park, College, Laguna where embryo-cultured Makapuno seedlings are being cultured.

Sweetened Macapuno on bottles

The product is packed in 200 ml fancy glass bottle with gold cap and safety label. Label includes company name and address, product net weight, and nutrition labeling. It contains no preservatives and has a maximum shelf life of one year.

100% Macapuno from Philhybrid at UPLB Laboratory

The Philhybrid Inc. Macapuno trees produces 99% Macapuno fruits unlike the ordinary coconut trees with only 20% Macapuno. This would give more output and profit for those farmers who are engage or planning to have Macapuno products as it's main source of income. One better and most convenient place to go to also to check the cultured embryo but no other than inside the University of the Philippines at Los Banos where scientist and specialist in this kind of production are available if one need a consultation.

Cultured Embryo at Philhybrid Laboratory

Today, Philhybrid Inc. is the biggest Macapuno producer in the Philippines and could supply enough for the demand and need of the industry. Leading cake distributor tapped Philhybrid for their need and not only competitive in terms of cost but also with a guaranteed freshness.